Benefits of Travel Nursing


Thinking about making the switch to travel nursing? Ever wonder why people would prefer contracts to a staff position? Some of the benefits may surprise you.

Travel nursing provides you with the flexibility of working as much or as little as you want. In other words, after a contract ends you have the ability to either get right into another contract or take time off in between to recharge. You also have no obligation to stay at a given facility after the contract ends if it isn’t the right place for you. Travel nursing provides you with the opportunity to see different cities and towns, or experience different facilities in the same area.

Perhaps the most attractive benefit to working as a travel nurse is that it often pays a lot better than a staff position. The reason for this is the tax free per diem and lodging reimbursements given to travelers. Tax free per diem is given to anyone on a contract, and is given as a reimbursement for food, gas, etc. A lodging stipend is provided to those traveling over a given distance from their home to the facility they are contracted (usually 50 miles). Both of these reimbursements are given as tax free money included in your paycheck, drastically increasing your weekly take home.

Another good thing about travel nursing is that you always have someone working for you. Your recruiter will find the jobs that fit you best, set up phone screens, and provide you with as many options as possible so you can choose which facility is right for you. When a contract is coming to an end, recruiters are already working to find you the next thing. Health insurance is also available through us, and if you are starting up a new assignment, your coverage will continue without interruption.

There are truly many benefits to working on contracts, so give us a call today to learn more about how you could transition into being a travel nurse.

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