Contractor Complaint Reporting

We are here to help!

Employee satisfaction is our #1 priority at Millennium!  While we strive to provide the highest level of customer service, we recognize that at times we may fall short of expectations.  In addition, we realize that things may not always go as planned while on assignment.  Should an employee find themselves dissatisfied with their experience or having issues working as a traveler in a particular facility, we encourage them to bring their concerns forward so that our team can help to resolve the issue.

WHY – If you are having difficulty on your assignment or have concerns about your placement, it is imperative that you share these concerns with the Millennium Team.  We are here to provide you the support you need.

WHAT – The more information you can provide us regarding your situation, the better. Whatever details you are comfortable sharing with us will help us to formulate an informed plan and hopefully, an acceptable solution for you.

WHEN – We ask that all employees bring their complaint forward to the appropriate Millennium team member in a timely manner.  The sooner we know about an issue, the more quickly we can work to get things resolved or if necessary, put an alternative plan in place.

WHO – We encourage all employees to bring their concerns to their recruiter first.  At Millennium, they are your first line of defense and will always operate with your best interests at the forefront.  Should your issue be of a confidential nature or involve your recruiter, please escalate your concern to Debbie Nagle RN, BSN.  Debbie is the President and Clinical Manager for Millennium and handles all escalated employee relations issues.

WHERE & HOW – You are able to lodge a complaint or voice a concern via phone call or email. If you are able to reach out to your recruiter first, please do so.  If not, Debbie Nagle can be reached at 781-971-5018 or at